Locked out of FOG

  • I tried to update the kernel and after downloading it, I got an error stating it couldn’t connect to the tftp site. I looked for help regarding that & every posting said it was usually a password problem. I reset the passwords for the account and the ftp_tftp setting but that didn’t help. I then reset the password for the fog account in mysql and now I can’t even log in as the fog user through the web interface. I’m totally locked out of FOG. Help!


  • Thanks! I had done the mysql pwd change, and rebooted the computer, but maybe the password was still cached somewhere. After another reboot I was able to get back in. Everything’s copacetic now.

  • Moderator

    If you can still log into mysql, you probably need to fix the password record for the fog user. I think it’s a simple update statement:
    use fog;
    update users set uPass = MD5(“password”) where uName = “fog”;

    then you can login to the webUI again using username = fog and password = password

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