Cannot image HP Z600

  • Hello. I have been trying for days to image a HP z600 machine. Before we changed the IP address on the fog server, I was able to image a z600. Now I cannot. What’s interesting is, is that I can image any other model that we have here after the IP address change here except for the HP machine. I get a series of error messages when trying to push or capture the image. Please see the attached pictures. Hopefully someone can help me because I have no idea what else to do. [ATTACH=full]17[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]18[/ATTACH]


  • If the computer is already registered just click host management and find the computer on the fog web.

  • Hi Zardan, I’m very new to fog. The guy that used to manage it is no longer here. How do you change the kernal argument? Chad, I did try other forums but I’m still not getting an answer.

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    Did you try only posting in 1 forum for the same problem?

  • Tried the kernel argument pnpbios=off ?

  • The only thing changed was the IP address to the fog server. I’m pretty sure I changed it at every spot the old address was. What’s interesting is that this model is the only one I’m having a problem with either uploading or deploying an image. So far all of my other models work fine.

  • You haven’t changed kernel or anything else since last time you imaged these computers?

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