Fog client user tracker incomplete history

  • According to the wiki, the user tracker is supposed to write login / logoff data to a journal if the computer is offline and then upload this journal to the fog server when it comes online. I was trying to troubleshoot this with Windows 7 client this morning since I was not getting many entries in the logs. I would get local administrator and our tech staff logged when the laptops were imaged but not much after that.

    I discovered the pending MAC entries for the wireless cards on the laptops and approved those. I looked at the entries in the c:\fog.log file and there were some errors but they seemed to go away after I applied the pending MAC. I still could not get entries in the login history. I tried rebooting the laptop and loging in and out.

    I finally did a restart of the fog service after logging in and got an entry in the login history for service start and my username. It did not write any past history from the journal that is supposed to be kept for offline entries. I then did a shutodown on the laptop and the servier showed the entry in login history for my user logging off.

    Can anyone help me with troubleshooting the lack of history?
    Running fog 0.32 on Ubuntu

  • Thanks for the quick reply. The wired / wireless was the initial problem until I approved the pending MAC. After approving the pending MAC I did get a couple of entries written to the database for the laptop over the wireless connection. I can see in the fog.log that it is using the MAC of the wireless adapter and finding the host entry. The problem is in the login history that is supposed to be kept for upload if the computer is offline.

    From [url][/url]
    [QUOTE]User Tracker
    This module attempts to track user access to the host computer by the Windows user name. It attempts to track logins and logoffs as well as well as the state of the computer at service startup. The service will even attempt to track users when they are not on the network by writing all entries to a journal file, then replying the journal the next time the client is on the network.
    There are no configuration settings for this module.[/QUOTE]

    Where is the journal file kept? If it is not being created, how do I troubleshoot? Why did it not upload when I did connect since I now know that other entries were created once I was online?

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    I believe this has to do with using the wireless and not having the wired connection plugged in. The client scans the computer for interfaces that are active and have an IP, and if the wired connection is not active, it doesn’t associated the computer with the correct record in FOG. This is something that is being changed in the next version of the client, so that it better handles multiple interfaces and associates back to the proper host record in FOG.

    I think.