• Uploading an image on Windows 7 I get passed the first partition and when it starts the second one, I get to a certain point and it says this… HELP[ATTACH=full]282[/ATTACH]


  • I ran check disc, have decided that this is a bad hard drive, the scan did fix some bad sectors but the image will still not upload, this HDD had problems when it came into my office, so I am trying to pull of a fresh reformat with windows 7 and it is still stopping at one spot. Thanks for you help!

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    From within Windows, run the drive error-check tool and tell it to scan for a fix bad sectors. It will make you schedule the disk scan for after the next reboot.

  • It has to be a bad file, because the errors always kick in at the same spot in the upload, but I am not experienced enough to figure out what file it could be

  • Well I ran SeaTools and something strange happened, when I accepted the license agreement after booting from the CD it began to search for drives to scan, and then just quit and started windows normally…

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    I was researching the DRDY err and someone suggested getting a bootable CD/usb stick and using e2fsck to see if you have bad blocks. If you have a spare HDD, you can try that to eliminate your FOG setup as a problem and you can check the other disk later.

  • I’ll give it a try

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    I think it means your disk is dirty. har har.

    Use a bootable disk utility like SeaTools for DOS, gparted, etc, to inspect the desk for errors and try again.