• Personally, I wanted to be able to move around FOG faster, so I ditched the icon menu and built a new one. Also, here’s my custom PXE menu.[ATTACH]273[/ATTACH][ATTACH]274[/ATTACH]

    These are on my test server, the real one is not a 192.168.x.x network, haha.


  • Dell makes great business computers (I stress the business end end, not talking home PCs). Dell is also the only company to allow you to mass edit BIOs settings and other settings remotely. No other company has ever given that option. So if we wanted to change 2000 computers to boot to PXE first, with a flip of a switch we could. We have recently switched to Lenovo due to a big price difference when purchasing 300-600 PCs, as we do yearly.

    Back on topic. I have a couple bugs to work out, then yes, I’ll post the files. 😉

  • Big fan of Dell I see… eurgh… but apart from that, really love this… do you plan on releasing the changes to us?

    Just joking about the Dell stuff btw… kinda 😉

  • Developer

    Very cool, I imagine I will get around to doing something like this in the future as well.