• First and foremost, thank you so much for your awesome work!

    Now to my question! Is it feasible to register more info of a machine?

    For example, I would like to add the ability to register more than one disk and even register a machine without a disk installed. Also, register RAM info (type, speed, voltage etc) with DIMM slot allocation.

    I know I ask too much and I would appreciate some guidance on how to modify the registration procedure. 🙂

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  • @ookami said in Expand Registration Info:

    register a machine without a disk installed

    Pretty sure you can create hosts from the web UI, all you need is the MAC address.

    As to your other questions, I suppose you’re talking about the IPXE registration, and not the web UI. I don’t think RAM is a supported field, or DIMM slot allocation either, nor specific details about RAM.

    What your looking for is extra fields in the database. Those are easy enough to add manually, but having them show up in the UI is a lot more work, and involves PHP as well as JS, and I’d be very little help in that area. My PHP skills are basic at best, and FOG’s PHP is fairly advanced. As to the JS, I’ve got zero experience with it.