This just doesnt work ... maybe its me

  • It all looks nice and efficient however none of this works. I have now exhausted everything, I have setup a non complicated “hub” … no client can see pxe whether dhcp is served by the router or by the Fog delivering the service

    I am not a debian expert that I will admit, however wherever I install the client it checks in, then I approve and I can deploy snapins but no imaging. If I create a task to capture the image of machine I cant get it to iPXE its just a boot loop as the Fog client just restarts the machine to collect absolute nothing

    Cant I just upload a WIM since the deploy works?

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    @werner I see two different issues here and one is dependent of the other.

    So lets start with do you ever get to the FOG iPXE menu? This is the menu where you would pick to register a host or test hardware compatibility?

    If no, then what is your dhcp server? Have you configured dhcp options 66 and 67? If yes, what exactly did you enter for dhcp option 66 and 67?

    Just load a WIM file, no. That is a microsoft imaging solution.