• Hi all,

    I have a problem to deploy image from HDD to SSD. I try deploy again an again on SSD but boot problem when finishing problem. I use last kernel and fog 1.5.9.

    Need to change kernel ? have you any idea to resolving this problem ?

  • Moderator

    @zaqen This one could be a difficult problem to solve. From FOG’s standpoint there is no technical difference between a SATA hard drive and SATA SSD. If it boots on a Hard drive it should boot on a SATA SSD. Many people run into the issue that the SATA SSD is typically smaller than the Hard Drive. The larger source disk to smaller target drive causes an issue. FOG will move partition start blocks to help resizing of the disk.

    Where the problem comes in is if a partition is marked as non-movable. This means that the partition can not be squeezed or relocated on the target drive. What happens if this partition exists at a starting location that doesn’t exist in the target drive because the target drive is smaller than the source drive. This is a problem.

    As long as you are on the dev branch of FOG v1.5.9.110 or later and FOS Linux kernel 5.15.x your fog install is up to date and the problem is with the structure of the source disk.