how to prevent certain OUI's from being allowed as MAC addresses

  • Hi Folks,

    Fog version 1.5.9

    Have a sort of problem/request. A lot of our fog’ed hosts have virtual box installed on them. This leads to fog system seeing the virtual box interface mac addresses and making them “pending”. These macs are all OUI 0A:00:27 (usually follow by 00:00:XX where XX is often 10 or 09 or 07) But many hosts wind up having the same mac address pending for these virtual box interfaces.

    Sometimes (not all the times, in fact only occasionally, and I haven’t figured out how or why) this seems to break hostname changer when more than one host has the same mac. This happens occasionally. I don’t have the exact error from the fog.log handy though, will update this note when it happens again.

    Deleting the pending mac list will fix this problem, and hostname changer does it’s job again.

    To effect a quick fix I tried looking through the web php for a convenient place to stick some sort of “if mac starts with 0A:00:27 please ignore” code, but my OO php skills are not up to this finding this.


  • Moderator

    @Eric-Johnson Take a look at FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings -> FOG Client - Host Register -> QUICKREG PENDING MAC FILTER. Just set to 0A:00:27 and it should ignore any MAC matching this pattern.