• I notice occasionally that after imaging, the computer does not have the name I assigned during the image process. I have had this happen from time to time, and I thought it was connected to an issue I have occasionally when the computer seems to have a problem connecting to my network and I have to start the process over. Today I had four on my bench, and I went from one to the next completing each step, so what I did was identical from one to the next. Three of the four were renamed with the name I assigned during the image process, one was not. I did not watch them during the process, but I did not notice that any of them did anything the others did not. It’s not hard to fix, but it’s just curious to me. I’m fairly new to this, by the way, so please be fairly basic with any responses. Thanks in advance.

  • @wayne-workman The client.

  • Are you using the fog client, or are you using the FOS renaming capability only?