• Hi guys, I found an issue on the development version of the Fog. When I capture the image or deploy the image, there is an error message pops up
    ACPI BISO Error (bug): Could not resolve symbol \SB oSC CDW1 AE not found 20210730 psparse
    ACPI Error Aboriting method due to previous error (AE not found)

    However, the installation completes without any problem, and my computer works fine as well. I just want to see if this is actually a problem. Thanks

    Fog Server Version: Latest Development Version:
    Fog Server on Computer: Ubuntu 20.04
    Image Captured Computer: Ubuntu 20.04

  • @george1421 all good then. Thanks

  • Moderator

    @zfeng The current version 1.5.9 ships with linux kernel 4.19.x because that kernel was in LTS status when FOG 1.5.9 was released almost 3 years ago. Of course 5.15.x is really a different kernel than 4.19.x. In your case its still just a nuisance message since FOG doesn’t do any kind of power management, its 100% full throttle on while imaging.

  • @george1421 hi, maybe it is just me little too concerned. The production branch does not have that message, ACPI error. Like what you said, this is the power management thing which I should just ignore.

  • @george1421 Thanks so much

  • Moderator

    @zfeng First thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    Secondly this is not specifically an issue with FOG or the development version.

    This error exists between the Linux kernel (bzImage) and the target computer’s BIOS/Firmware. The linux kernel (running on the taret computer known as FOS Linux) can’t properly configure the acpi extension to the target computer’s firmware. While this IS an error, it doesn’t impact imaging because imaging doesn’t require the ACPI interface. If FOG was doing power management, sleep mode, battery management, or other general purpose operating system activities it would be a problem. FOS Linux is designed to use the hardware to the maximum value, image it quickly and walk away.

    From the point of view for FOG Imaging you can ignore this specific message.