Can FOG use SMB instead of NFS?

  • Any reason why we can’t use SMB instead of NFS for deploy/capture? An .smbcredentials file can be stored securely and creds can be sent securely. Just wondering because I couldn’t find anything related to the topic and I don’t know if the devs have tried this already.

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    @brakcounty Well is there a technical reason… none that I can think of. NFS and SMB are similar protocols. They have similar pitfalls in (in)security. But off the top of my head I think it would work. Why isn’t fog using it? Because NFS is built into linux and nothing extra is needed., NFS IS a very fast protocol. too.

    You would need to install and enable samba on the FOG server. Two shares will be needed /images and /images/dev.

    You will need to rebuild FOS Linux initrd to include the smbclient program. The you will need to update the fog.mount script (in FOS) to use the smbclient to mount the remote storage instead of using the linux mount command.

    This thread will give you clues where to look for the tweaks for smb: