my machine is Dell Latitude 3420

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    my machine is Dell Latitude 3420

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    @juelson Yes and what didn’t work? From your other thread you are using fog 1.4.4. That should support uefi systems, but it probably won’t see your nvme drives. For UEFI systems you need to send a different boot loader than for bios. For bios, dhcp option 67 should be undionly.kpxe that will pxe boot a bios based computer. For uefi based systems you need to have dhcp option 67 set to ipxe.efi. or snp.efi. Since you are using a really old version of FOG with new hardware you might be out of luck until you upgrade to FOG 1.5.x branch.

    Points of interesting.

    1. You need to update your FOS Linux kernel to 5.15.x series for the latest hardware support (FOG Web UI -> Kernel update)
    2. You need FOG 1.5.9 to update your version of iPXE to the latest version.
    3. In the Dell firmware set the disk mode to ahci mode. The default of raid-on will not work with FOG.
    4. Disable secure boot in the uefi frimware.