FOG hardware inventory RAM limit

  • Hi there I’m a sysadmin and have more then 40 PC in my office. I using this function to get hardware info about my machines. But the problem arises when I try to quick inventory a machine with more then 4GB of ram.
    FOG hardware inventory doesn’t detect more then 4GB of ram using quick host inventory, it report always lower then that.

  • Ok got it, recompiled the kernel bzImage with highmem64G instead of highmem4G option. Now it works fine. I can read the full amount of ram. Tnx for the fast response.

  • I’m just guessing off the top of my head here, but I think it’s probably a limitation of the FOG boot image (custom buildroot linux); which I’m pretty sure is only running a 32bit kernel, so it wouldn’t be able to detect more than 4GB.

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