• hi, i captured a win 10 image in uefi, but when i distribute it with fog i get this:
    error partition 4 is too big
    until a few days ago the old uefi image worked, now I wanted to update it and it gives me this error, on any pc.

    I always read on the forum that you have to remove the recovery partition, possible? even though the old uefi image worked normally, i never deleted the recovery partition

    who can help me?
    thank you

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    @alexamore90 Updating FOG is a normal process of fog administration. I agree its been quite a while since the last update but the process is the same. FOG 1.5.10 should be released soon, but until then the FOG developers are suggesting that people upgrade to a pre release but stable version of the development release.

    When you installed fog if you use the git method to download the installer files then upgrading is easy and you will not lose any configuration settings. To do the upgrade its pretty easy, to perform a dev-branch upgrade there is one more step.

    In your case if you are on FOG version 1.5.9 and you use the git method you would simply change to the base of the install directory (typically in /root/fogproject) and issue these commands on the fog server.

    cd /root/fogproject
    git pull
    git checkout dev-branch
    git pull
    cd bin

    The git checkout dev-branch command is what changes the installer to use the (or later code base). When 1.5.10 is released you would simply replace that line with to go to the master code base with git checkout master and issue the same commands.

    The installer will look at all of the answers you provided when fog was installed and use them during the reinstall.

    After you update to the dev release you will need to once again update the FOS Linux kernel to 5.15.x series (FOG WebUI->FOG Configuraiton->Kernel update, as well as recompile the latest version of iPXE using this tutorial when you complete these after steps you will be at a level that FOG 1.5.10 will be when its released. The above install process will make sure your FOG install will support the newest hardware released by the hardware manufacturers.

    You say that you have 3 FOG servers you really should update them all to be on the same release or you won’t have the fix for the non-movable recovery partition that Microsoft created.

  • @george1421

    ah ok how can I check and eventually update the fog real you say?
    logically without losing any deletions or data inside the fog.
    having 3 virtual fog do I have to update all 3?

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    @alexamore90 The recovery partition is the issue with FOG 1.5.9, if you update to the dev branch you will get FOG or later that will solve the problem. You will need to recapture the golden image with FOG or later to make that recovery partition movable again. This is a change that Microsoft released in 20h2 and later operating systems.