• Hi everyone,

    when you’re uploading or deploying an image, according to the blue imaging screen one should be able to pause or cancel the imaging process. To cancel one should press *. Pausing works fine, but cancelling has never worked for me yet.

    Is this a bug in FOG 0.32?

    I know how to cancel a task in the FOG GUI, but every now and then it may be helpful to cancel the process on the computer, that is being imaged/deployed.

    If it’s a bug, maybe the developers could try to fix it in FOG 0.33.

  • Thinking about it more, this isn’t an issue with FOG, at this point of the imaging process, this is an error based on Partimage (if it is actually an error). I’m sure they don’t want you to stop in the middle of an upload/download so you don’t have a corrupt image. FOG may be getting switched to Partclone down the road anyways. So unfortunately, this I think, will be just how it’s going to be.

  • Why should * be a placeholder and if so, for what? Pausing is working, I’m talking about cancelling the upload/download, which sometimes would be useful, because you wouldn’t have to use the GUI to do a clean cancellation. Sometimes you have no computer at hand (in the same room) besides the one you’re imaging.

    So, I’m assuming, that it’s a bug. A not so important bug though…

  • I think that the * is just a placeholder, but I could be wrong. Is there a reason that you would want to pause an upload/download?