Does Upgrading storage increase imaging speed with Hyper-V ?

  • Hi All,
    we use fog on our imaging server machine inside a Hyper-V VM (Ubuntu 20.04),
    I’m thinking of upgrading our pc storage (Currently 256gb) to NVMe M.2 2tb , my question is does data transfer rate of the storage affect the imaging speed from my fog server to end clients since it is installed on a VM or that’s not relevant ?

  • @george1421 great answer, thanks a lot

  • Moderator

    @soheil The two biggest impacts on imaging performance is the disk subsystem and networking subsystem. You might notice that CPU or compute subsystem is not mentioned. This is because the target computer does all of the heavy (compute) lifting and not the fog server.

    Now with that said if you have an environment with workstations with the FOG Client installed, that would also have a direct impact on the FOG server performance.

    I would say if you are getting 6GB/min or faster imaging on a 1GbE network (single unicast image deployment) your fog server is tuned well.

    A few years ago I did post a benchmark thread with commands to where you could test your current hardware to see how it matches up. I did the testing of the fog server running on bare metal Centos 7 system on a Dell 790 server.