• I was reading up on this project as I do not have in-depth knowledge on it (yet).

    Reading specifically on the Storage Management part and the different nodes.

    I have a potential scenario, let’s say I have 5 different offices around the world with one public facing FOG-setup,
    and from that I have 4 nodes in the other offices.

    And in this scenario, I will move office nr 3 to a new location, so it would be offline for let’s say 1 week (or 3 months whatever),
    and I turn it back on. During this time, the main FOG-server would have 3 new images saved.

    Will office-fog #3 update these images so they would be local and potentially being used from that,
    or would that require alot of manual work to get #3 up-to-speed again?


  • Moderator

    @primofamilia In general when storage node #3 comes back online all changed images will be resynced to the #3 site from the master node. This will happen all automatically. You will have to do nothing more than bring storage node #3 back online.

    With that said if your new site #3 will have a different IP address range, or more specifically the storage node will have a different IP address than at the legacy site you will have a little fixing up to do to bring the node back online. But its not that hard to do.