working-1.6 Ubuntu 18 & 20 potential issue - March 28, 2022

  • Hey there, I noticed the installation tests for Ubuntu 18 and 20 hit the hard limits I have set for installation on working-1.6 branch. For the other branches this is around 2 and 3 minutes. The hard-limit I have set is 15 minutes.

    Both are hanging on this step:

    * Installing package: mariadb-server..........................

    The error logs suggest the package repositories for Ubuntu 18 and 20 were having problems at the time. I’ll keep an eye on it tomorrow to see if it repeats.

    fwiw, I have the 15-minute hard limit set to avoid cost. If something hangs / breaks and never completes, I don’t want AWS instances staying on for days (or weeks) because I didn’t notice it. So the 15 minute hard-limit prevents that, cutting the processes off at that time and shutting down the instance for the next test, or to be done for the day.