• good evening, I wanted to ask how to backup all the exsi including the network configuration and the fog machines inside it.

    i should copy this to another backup server in the same network


  • @george1421 The exsi is installed on a host server directly on the HDD, inside there are 3 fog virtual machines that I need to deploy windows on various clients.
    since I have another host (server) I would like to use it as a backup, but how can I make a backup on the host I have now and restore it on the new one without reconfiguring all over again?

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    @alexamore90 said in Backup all exsi and vm fog:

    Can i clone l hdd with clonezilla and insert in the new server

    This is a very complicated question because you leave out the details.

    ESXi is typically stored on a usb or mmc flash drive. HDD are typically where the vmware datastore (VMs) exist. Can you use clonezilla to clone a hard drive, yes. Will you have a functioning ESXi server probably not, but I don’t know the exact configuration of your esxi server.

  • Can i clone l hdd with clonezilla and insert in the new server ?

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    @alexamore90 FWIW FOG is not a virtualization layer imaging tool. So using fog to backup ESXi is not possible.

    BUT depending on the version of ESXi you have (anything but free version) you can use a software like veeam community edition to backup VMs to some other location like a SAN or NAS. Backing up ESXi settings will need to be done through the command line since there is no way I know of to back this up externally. I know once your ESXi configuration is complete it rarely changes. So backing it up by hand is not a bad solution.