Deploy image without Legacy boot

  • As the title states, we are trying to deploy an image to a new laptop, however, this is a newer HP model, and does not have Legacy boot on it, and our current method of connecting to fog seems to require Legacy Booting.

    Laptop in question: HP Elitebook x360

    We have a master copy image that we were able to pull from, but in order for PXE boot to go through properly, we needed to enable the legacy boot, without it, the PXE boot menu just goes to a black screen that says “IPv4 boot” and then loops back to the startup menu screen. When we went to deploy the companies image onto the newer one, we found that the Legacy boot option is missing, and so its doing the previous loop when attempting to select PXE boot.

    Can anyone provide any suggestions to either work around this or another way of doing so?

  • hello

    we have dell 3540 using UEFI boot ( legacy boot disabled everywhere)

    1. secure boot has to be disabled
    2. dhcp is made via pfsense with ipxe.efi
    3. master has been made with UEFI ( fog service has to be stopped before sysprep , otherwise bootloop after deploy / don’t know why)
    4. STP disabled on every switch

    Works fine here (single or multicast)

  • @george1421 Unfortunately, the option to register via PXE boot was not available for the UEFI booting on the golden image, and it wouldn’t allow me to capture it unless I turned it to Legacy booting option. The golden image machine is a few years old and luckily still had it

  • Moderator

    @technicaltroll I can give you a few tips.

    1. Disable secure boot. You can turn it back on later if you need to.
    2. Make sure you are sending the correct boot loader. For a bios system you need undionly.kpxe and for uefi computers you need to send ipxe.efi. This is typically set in dhcp option 67. But if you have a dual boot environment you might want to review this document:
    3. You can not deploy a bios captured image to a uefi based computer. Well technically you CAN deploy the image with FOG cross platforms, but it won’t boot. The disk structure of a bios computer is different than the disk structure of a uefi computer. They are not compatible. You will need to make a uefi based golden image to deploy to uefi computers.