Triple-Boot Deployment Failure

  • I’m attempting to deploy an image via multicast to multiple workstations (1Gb multicast is working beautifully). The image is a triple-boot (for a school lab) with two (2) Windows 7 installations and a Scientific Linux 6.x installation. The 500GB HDD is partitioned with three (3) primary partitions (Windows) and an extended partition. The extended partition contains four (4) logical partitions (EXT3) for various Linux mount points (root, usr, home, swap). The image appears to have uploaded successfully to the FOG server but deployment does not push the logical partitions. The primary and extended partitions are created and imaged but anything Linux-related does not seem to work.

    The image was uploaded using Linux (50) and Multiple Partition Image - Single Disk (Not Resizable) options. We are using FOG 0.32 with kernel 3.6.9 on Ubuntu 12.10 (in a VM).

    I have 60 workstations to image, so any assistance to speed me on my way would be much appreciated.


  • @jmwalton, post: 12827, member: 697 said:

    any updates on this?
    I would really love the help!

    No solution for this yet, except to wait for the new kernel release; I understand it’s a work-in-progress. In the end, I had to use Clonezilla for basic cloning in a VLAN.

  • any updates on this?
    I would really love the help!

  • I’ve already added [I]sfdisk[/I] to [I]init.gz[/I], but does anyone happen to know what changes are required in [I]bin/fog[/I] and where in the file to make them?


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    The partition cloning package used by FOG does not support logical partitions at this time.

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