• Bonjour,

    J’ai mis en place une infrastructure FOG composée comme suit (schéma simplifié) :


    I have set up a FOG infrastructure composed as follows (simplified diagram):

    Master FOG Web Access, Normal installation, Stor. group default, Node 1, Location 1

    -----Stor. group 2, Node 2, Stor. facility, Rental 2
    -----Stor. group 3, Node 3, Stor. install., Rental 3
    -----Stor. group 4, Node 4, Stor. install., Rental 4
    -----Stor. group 5, Node 5, Stor. install., Rental 5

    All servers have been installed in HTTPS.
    For images, I work a lot with replication and the location plugin, which work well and meet my needs.

    Nevertheless, I am having difficulty with this operation for snapins.
    I would like to be able to associate and deploy snapins by group and location.
    That is to say, deploy snapins from all nodes, depending on the location of the workstation.
    I set up a test infrastructure in HTTP: everything works correctly.
    I can associate a snapin on group 2 and deploy it from node 2. So the client fetches the snapin on the node associated with it. Perfect.

    In HTTPS, I can only deploy snapins from the master FOG (Normal installation).

    I tried to install the master node in HTTPS and the storage nodes in HTTP.
    In this case, the way I want the snapins to work works fine.
    But I want, as much as possible, not to work in HTTP.
    Especially since in this case, the storage nodes usage graphs are no longer visible on the web console.

    My questions are:

    • Is this operation normal?
    • Is there a possible workaround allowing me to use this principle in HTTPS?
    • Is there a future development project that could add this functionality?

    Thank you !
    And congratulations for the FOG product!

  • Thank’s a lot for for quick response. We’ll test and comme back to you.
    Have a good days

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    @francis-r said in Snapin's and https:

    I set up a test infrastructure in HTTP: everything works correctly.

    I am pretty sure you face this bug which we currently have in the code: https://github.com/FOGProject/fogproject/issues/371

    You can find a workaround in that issue report as well.

    I hope more people will help working on FOG so we can fix all those issues at some point in time.