• I am still using 0.29 because it works and I feel safe with it. I would like to jump to 0.32 but worry about how it will affect my present images. What platform of linux does 0.32 work best on?

  • Fog .32 is up and running. Very nice interface.

    Now I am waiting for .33 to come out.

  • [quote=“John Johnson, post: 48, member: 30”]I am using Ubuntu 10.04. Would 11.04 be better?[/quote]
    11.04 Is a very different interface from 10.04. I actually went back to 10.04 because I like it better, maybe it is just the familiarity, but something to consider.

  • Thank you for that information. I am going to jump into 3.2 and give it a try.

    BTW. I love the new forum. Much easier to use.

  • Developer

    You may need to download an updated kernel, but this is completly dependant on your hardware set.

    You should try it with the default kernel first.
    If it doesnt work, updating the kernel is not hard and can be done via the FOG interface easily.
    []Log into the FOG Management Interface
    ]Click ‘Other Information’
    []Click ‘Kernel Updates’ in the side menu
    ]Find the latest kernel, click on the download icon.
    []Save location is asked (the default is fine if you are unsure)
    ]Click ‘Next’
    [*]Done, your kernel is now updated. PXE boot a machine to test.

  • OK, thanks. I have just read so many threads about having to change the kernel (beyond my expertise). I do not want to go there.

  • Developer

    Either one is fine 🙂 No need to update if you dont want to

  • I am using Ubuntu 10.04. Would 11.04 be better?

  • Developer

    The upgrade wont affect your images. It is safe to upgrade.

    FOG works best on Ubuntu or Debian.