Deploy image via USB on disk

  • Hi.
    Some computers makes me crazy because of an a tftp issue (Network card is old …)
    So, for this pc, solution consiste to remove the hard drive , connect it to a similar computer (with good network card) and deploy image.
    After thatt, i have to reconnect the hard drive to the right computer.

    My question si simple :
    From the serveur itself, is-it possible to déploy an image on a disque directly connected to the serveur by usb?

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    @ericdelpozo OK I understand your troubles and your idea.

    I have one question. Are these computers both bios (legacy) and uefi or are they all bois or all uefi. uefi based computers are easier to boot via usb. But we can make it work both ways.

  • @george1421
    First, thank for answering.
    I have several computer of the same model and it works fine.
    (HP 600G1 SFF, 2014 i think)
    On a fiew somme of them, the boot PXE dont works.
    The probem is hardware or from the bios, but after long hours to findout a solution a think that it is a hardware issue.
    (the network card is off at startup while the bios configuration and all the parameters are the same that other computers for which it works.)

    I’m pretty certain that problem don’t come from FOG.
    So i decided to remove the Hard-drive of those machine to perform a image disk direclty from the server , using usb port and an external disk box. is-it a good idear ?
    What is better choice ?

    An other motivation, for clonig directly from the serveur, is that on some old machines, finding good option on bios,(boot pxe, legacy ipv4…) takes time. Having a way to deploy , on several disk , at very same time (like as multicast) seemed to me an nice option, am i wrong ?

    Some Softwars do raw clonig , disk to disk, i could use it, but i was wonderong if i could deploy an image like this way wiht fog.

    Sorry , many questions.
    Precisely , how boot from usb stick and get accès to fog menu startup (deploy, quick registration etc …) ​


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    @ericdelpozo said in Deploy image via USB on disk:

    because of an a tftp issue (Network card is old …)

    There is an option to boot from a USB drive into FOG iPXE or directly into FOS Linux and image from there. We have this method for special use cases where PXE booting is not an option.

    Tell me a bit more about this troubled computer? What is the manufacturer and model? About how old is this computer?