Image deployment Wireless PXE boot

  • I would like to consult if it will be possible to deploy image using wireless ethernet of laptops. Newer models of laptop nowadays are being produced with no built-in wired ethernet cards and just rely on wireless connection.

    However, I can not wrap around myself the idea that laptop will be booting with wireless ethernet, connect to a wireless network (SSID) before it boot to an OS (Windows).

    Moreover, just to be more detailed, I am looking to deploy to Lenovo Thinkpad X13 models.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Thanks @george1421, will look into this especially the USB to ethernet (will have to purchase though).

  • Moderator

    @buruguduy The quick answer is: Is it possible to image over wifi, yes.

    There are a series of limitations that you will have to overcome.

    1. Most computers don’t support pxe booting over wifi.
    2. Wifi is a shared service so all other clients on the same WAP will have a performance loss while imaging is happening.
    3. Imaging over wifi will be much slower than over a hard wired ethernet cable.
    4. Out of the box FOS Linux (the engine that images a target computer) does not support wifi or have wifi drivers installed. But serveral years ago I did create a one-off version of FOS Linux that supported wifi imaging for a FOG Admin that could only image over wifi for a special use hardware.

    To get pxe booting with uefi firmware, that firmware (which is a mini operating system) needs to support the network adapter you have. That typically means using the hardware vendor’s specific network interface, be that wifi or ethernet.

    It is possible to image over wifi without uefi firmware support if you usb boot into FOS Linux. There are certain caveats in usb booting into FOS Linux but its possible. But then if you are going to usb boot into FOS Linux then why not use a USB hub and plug in a usb boot drive and a usb to ethernet adapter and go that route?