Some problems (dhcp)

  • Ok. So i have fog installed.

    -I have it configured to be on an isolated network.
    -I set the server to have ip address through the configuration wizard when i first installed fog.
    -I enabled internal DHCP
    -I ensured to check the dhcpd.conf file and ensured that the ip ranges are correct “range dynamic-bootp;”
    -I restarted the dhcp service - “sudo /etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server restart”

    Problem is the dhcp is still not assigning ip addresses. Clients cannot boot to pxe, nor can they pick up an ip address when doing a ipconfig /renew

    Anyone know what i’m doing wrong?

  • [quote=“chad-bisd, post: 10842, member: 18”]What Linux are you running? Have you checked /var/log/syslog for clues?[/quote]

    it’s running ubuntu 12.10

    As far as the logs, i’m not really sure what i’m looking for. I don’t see any errors or anything that failed so i’m not sure what to look for.

  • Moderator

    What Linux are you running? Have you checked /var/log/syslog for clues?

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