• Hi
    We created FOG server to deploy images in isolated network.
    The server was based on dell precision tower 3620 and his onboard nic.
    But it works to slow for us, so we decide add PCIe nic card that support 10g.
    Now the question is where we need to change configurations to make it works fine by PCIe nic and not onboard?
    (FOG based on Centos 8 and it have his own DHCP)

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    @michaelk said in Change nic issue:

    In case like that, should i do any changes in DHCP, PHP or SQL?

    If the only thing you are changing in your setup is the NIC then nothing else needs to be adjusted.

  • @sebastian-roth
    In case like that, should i do any changes in DHCP, PHP or SQL?
    Sorry for the question, but linux systems pretty new for me

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    @Michaelk Whooops, hit the sent button on that message to early without re-reading what I wrote. Yes right, I meant editing /opt/fog/.fogsettings.

  • @sebastian-roth Hi
    Thx a lot for the answer.
    Did you meant that i need to make changes in this file “/opt/fog/.fogsettings”?

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    @Michaelk Make sure you configure a static IP on that new NIC, then edit `` and adjust the following lines:


    You might not need to change all of them. If you stay in the same subnet or even set the same IP the old NIC had, then only change the interface=... line.

    After that you need to re-run the FOG installer script. As you seem to have an isolated network now it will most probably fail on checking for internet connection and maybe also when it tries to update packages. So you might need to add the option to proceed on errors: ./installfog.sh -X