• You can have storage groups, storage nodes and none of them can be a master node

  • Moderator

    @Pilar Please post pictures of the configuration in the web UI.

  • @sebastian-roth
    I must have explained myself wrong, I was asking if it is convenient that none of the nodes is a master node.
    Simply so that when doing snapshot tasks it does not go to the node that does not belong to the path for the image to be created.

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    @Pilar Can you explain why you think that none can be a master node? There is a checkbox in the storage node settings in the FOG web UI but it’s probably good you let us know more about what you want to do and what you expect from it because changing this setting can cause some major trouble if you have more than one node and don’t know exactly what you are doing - talking about loosing images because of replication…

    Even better - please take a picture of the configuration you made in the web UI and post that here!