• I have recently received 30 computers from a local hospital, I would like to clone them but they do not currently have an OS, I hope to not have to manually install an OS and the fog client, is this possible?

  • been a while since I asked this question, but I just thought i would let everyone know that cloning a blank computer with no OS works perfectly, just get the MAC from the BIOS and make sure that the imaged computer has the client to make future cloning easy and it should work without flaw. I am continually impressed by this program!!

  • I will try this, i have gotten many of these same computers from the hospital so I have some that run, i guess we’ll see what happens!!

  • Moderator

    Push the “most similar” image you have to on. By “most similar” I mean match the processor family and hopefully chipset and disk type.

    It might work and you can just fix driver issues and image, or it might blow up in a fantastic explosion of OS rejection…

    I look forward to hearing about it either way.