• hi again,

    i know, this question ist not new but i try the ways which you told.
    But it doesnt work by me.

    I installed the fog Client on Test host und set the AD Setting in Fog-Server Web GUI–>Host->Edit Host->Active Directory

    here i check the box, join domain after deploy
    i write the domainname and domainuser + pasword and click on update.

    So if i deployed image to the Test host and go to Web Gui and change AD Setting to join, it should work fine or?

    Where do i make my mistake?

    ------------ I tried also following from one User of this Forum-------
    First, disconnect the domain.

    Second, install FOG Client.

    Third, configure the host/s with the AD Joining Information in the GUI.

    Only needed if sysprepping.

    Fourth, disable the auto startup of the client.

    Fifth, sysprep the machine with shutdown

    Done sysprep.

    Sixth, create capture task.

    Seventh, restart/power on machine.

    It doesnt work by me too:(

  • @lerne-nie-aus if i give static ip, than i can ping and surf in internet.

    I dont know why:(

  • @sebastian-roth so the problem is that host pc get ip by pxe boot and can deploy also image but after that it gets a apipa address.

    I make ipconfig /renew and it can get ip Adresse.
    But i can not ping
    can ping Fog Server.

    Even i can ping Fog Server, in logs i can see, the domain does not exist oder could not be contacted.

    Must the host in that domain network?
    I asked a IT-Worker and he told me, it must be not in domain network:)

    Thanks for your all time, you are great community.

  • Moderator

    @lerne-nie-aus I guess you need to start looking at the log file to find out what’s going on. On the machine that you want to see joined to the domain, check C:\fog.log