MAC Address duplicate, ignore MAC Address (Checkpoint Mobile)

  • Hi,

    i have an repeated issue wirth the mac adress of a virtual vpn network adapter, it seems that the alternation of that mac isn’t working from time to time or fog is collecting the mac before it’s alternated.

    if this happens i try to search for the mac directly on the db and correct the error if found but this happens again and again, therefore i tried to add this mac to the ignore list:

    Bild Text

    For some reason that doesnt seem to work, maybe i missunderstood the option itself.
    How can i tell FOG to ignore any MAC starting with 54?

    Additional how can i remove a specific mac address from db from all hosts where it occours?

    Normally i goto the infected client and get me the mac addresslist with:


    Then i search for that:

    mac SELECT hmHostID FROM hostMAC where hmMAC IN ('54:4B:2D:5B:69:02');

    With the found host-id i open the fog webif and look for the client:

    Bild Text

    In most of the cases i just delete it and try of the fog client is not claiming about duplicate mac entrys anymore, but i want to get rid of the problem.

    Best Regards X23

  • Moderator

    @x23piracy Sorry for the long delay! This is a known issue in an older version of FOG and fixed in 1.5.9 and later.

  • No idea anyone?

    Quickreg Pending MAC Filter doesn’t seem to ignore MAC Addresses starting with 54 when i delete the host, restart the FOG Client i can see that the pending client still want to add a mac starting with 54:

    Bild Text

    The Most strange thing is that it tried the VPN Client MAC as primary while it’s not connected, i would expect the Cable NIC which is also connected while the FOG client reports the client to the FOG’s Webif.

    I need to finally ban MAC from interest from FOG that are starting with 54, how can i do that?

    Best Regards X23