Supported operating systems

  • Hello community,

    I am looking for a good PXE boot software for our company and just discovered FOG. I haven’t found yet a list of supported OS for the boot, I’ve just read something about Win XP, Win 7 and Vista.
    I would need the software to boot Windows 7 and also Solaris, so I don’t know if Solaris is supported. Also, I’ll install the images on PC’s with RAID and I know, that some PXE boot softwares get trouble with this.

    So my questions: Does FOG support Solaris? And does it run smoothly on RAID systems?



  • Moderator

    You can image solaris if you use RAW image type I think. It does a DD copy and is slow, but may be what you need.

  • I personally don’t know of any imaging software which supports ZFS. Jumpstart is the only thing I know which can provide network deployment for Solaris, but its a network based install as opposed to image deployment.

  • Yes, solaris uses ZFS. Nice that Win7 definitely works, but if Solaris doesn’t, I unfortunately can’t use this software.

  • I’ve not tried Solaris, it’ll definitely work with Windows 7/NTFS images. As far as I’m aware Fog only supports ext2/3 for Unix/Linux based Operating Systems and I believe Solaris uses ZFS by default?

  • Hello,

    I’ll use it to image workstations/servers. For example, I get an image from an existing system with Win 7. I save this image and hope then, to get it via PXE for all my other systems I want to set up.

    So I’m more after the second 🙂

  • Are you hoping to boot Windows 7/Solaris over the network using PXE or deploy new W7/Solaris machines based upon built images? The way I’ve read your post it seem like you’re after the first, which Fog isn’t really designed to do, although can do it in a limited way.