• Bonjour lorsque je veux boot sur mon PXE j’ai le message d’erreur suivant no such file boot name avec plusieur PC fujitsu P557

    1 seul a pu fonctionner Capture d’image.

    Les bios sont IDENTIQUE après plusieurs verification successive.

    Hello when I want to boot on my PXE I have the following error message no such file boot name with several PC fujitsu P557

    Only 1 could work Image capture.

    The bios are IDENTICAL after several successive checks.

    Can you help me find the solution.

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    @pierre-baylet Are all the machines in the exact same BIOS/UEFI firmware version?

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    @pierre-baylet This error could be many things.

    What device is your dhcp server. Who makes it and what model?

    Are both devices in the same firmware mode (bios or uefi).

    It is strange that two computers of the same exact model are troubled. Where one pxe boots and the second no pxe boot. Can you provide a clear picture of the error message taken with a mobile phone? There may be additional clues in the picture. Post the picture here so we can see.

    You have two computers one works and one no. Are these two computers on the same ip subnet?