Deploy image menu not coming up

  • Hi all,

    We just received our new ProBook 450 laptops. The situation is this, I am able to register a laptop and tell it which image to use and that deploys without issue. Whenever I try to just boot an unregistered client and go to the deploy image menu it goes to the login screen, flashes and then bounces me out to a sub menu where I can test compatibility, reboot, etc. Any thoughts? This is only happening on this model computer and like I said I can deploy if I register every client and schedule the task. Other computer models like last years ProBook 450 continue to allow me to select an image to deploy. Is there a log file somewhere I can look at and maybe its throwing an error? Im running it on Debian.

  • Ok so as I posted there is a work around and I suspected something in iPXE but I wanted to be sure I wasn’t being a bonehead here. Thanks!

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    Sounds like a similar issue to here:

    Cross linking post. No solution at the moment, but we suspect that iPXE needs to be updated because something changed in this hardware.

    The issue seems to be directly an issue with UEFI, this model of HP and iPXE.