Deployed image/device count

  • So since we don’t manage PCs using FOG, we use SCCM, we don’t have registered hosts. But is there a way to find out how many devices have had images deployed to them?

  • Moderator

    @brakcounty I don’t have access to my production fog server at the moment, but I’m wondering if the history table keeps track of “deploy image” imaging…

    This bit probably won’t help you retrospectively, but in my environment we don’t register the target computers with FOG, we use the “Deploy image” route. We do use MDT to build our golden image though. In MDT we have a task sequence that creates a registry key with the build date the golden image is created because we typically rebuild our golden image once a quarter. With a PS query we can query AD and the target computers to find out the unique build date of all of the deployed images. In a way we could back into the number you are seeking.

    So the question for you is… is there something unique that would identify the target computer as being deployed by FOG? Some unique software or registry setting that would say this image was built by our golden image deployment environment?

    From a FOG perspective, once you deploy an image via the “Deploy image” iPXE menu FOG forgets the target computer ever existed. The question in my mind is of the history table keeps any lingering memories of the target computer’s mac address or such.