How do I schedule captures on a recurring basis?

  • I’ve been managing a FOG server for about 9 months now, and today I was requested to find a way to schedule either weekly or nightly captures of devices to function as a backup. They had spoken with someone that does this on a FOG server currently, but I wasn’t given their contact info so I’m not sure how it works.

    How would I achieve this? I’m not sure exactly what scheduling capabilities FOG has, so I figured I’d ask here.

    Any help is appreciated, I need to make this work.

  • Senior Developer

    @yeet Good you have found FOG’s cron scheduled taskings. That’s the way to go for what you are asked to do.

  • @brakcounty Since I’ve posted this I’ve discovered the cronjob option. I guess I’m just confused how this will work in the future with Secure Boot. If I have a scheduled task, I’d need secure boot off so it can PXE boot. Unless there’s an option to boot into fog with secure boot enabled, but I haven’t found anything

  • I would guess a Group capture would be necessary. If we can find out what commands/scripts run when you run a Group Capture task, we can then send it to a cronjob that would run on a schedule. Can the devs chime in?