• Ahoy. We are move away from MDT and going to FOG. If I install Windows 7 fresh, everything works smooth from creating a FOG image to deploying that image. However, I’d prefer not to remake tons of MDT images from scratch. I MDT’d a computer, tried to push it up to fog but an error id detected while running resize test. Then the next error after that is that “New size can’t be bigger…” which appears to be talking about the second partition that MDT creates.

    I’ve deleted the partition and set the OS as active, computer boots up fine after. I then tried to push up the image, this time it will push up, but in RAW mode, so it copies the entire 80GB hard drive instead of just the 12GB that is in use. Image is set to Single Partition (NTFS Only, realizable).

    Any way to avoid having to recreate all the images and have it capture as NTFS instead?

    Ubuntu 12.4
    FOG .32

    Thank you.

  • Moderator

    I think you can install windows 7 and customize the partition to be about 80gb, which is hopefully the smallest drive you’ll need to support. Do your customizations and sysprep it with an unattend option to resize the partition to fill the drive. Shutdown and take the image as single disk, multiple partition (it just works better).

    When you deploy, depending on your sysprep options, it should fit onto any drive 80GB and over and auto expand the partition to fill the disk.

    It’s more complex than this because of all the sysprep steps and making the unattend file, but I think this is the route you’ll want to take I think.

    I do NOT use single partition resizable with Windows 7 because it may not work, and if it dies in the middle of resizing the partition, it makes it unusable.