FOG USB iso image on VirtualBox 6.1

  • I know this might be more of a VirtualBox issue than a fog issue but I was able to boot into my fog usb iso using VB 6.1 to test things out and experiment. As of today though, it just hangs at initializing ipxe devices. I tried changing the vnic to PCFast III and while it does get me the fog menu, it stops at downloading the bzimage file. Any ideas?

  • @junkhacker I built an ipxe image using the fog’s kernels and files and made them into a vISO then mounted it to my vm. Boot from it, then normally it would load ipxe and eventually the fog menu. since I updated vbox it stopped working. yeah I’ll have to play with it.

  • Developer

    @brakcounty this is definitely a VirtualBox issue, not a fog issue, but as i recall VirtualBox uses a version of iPXE as it’s built in network boot rom. maybe you can directly swap the binary with an updated one?