• The DHCP server has been setup to UEFI boot, we’re having to image new machines as UEFI as Legacy is not included on the BIOS.

    The specific machines that we have are able to boot into fog, however they’re not able to get an IP address, the switch, port and cables I believe to be fine as we’re able to UEFI boot another machine with the same setup (different manufacturer) leading me to believe there is an issue with the motherboard / NIC onboard. I have downloaded the latest kernel (Version : 5.10.50) and have pointed it to the machine but the problem persists. See information below:

    Fog Server Version: 1.4.4
    NIC on the machine: Intel Ethernet Connection 1219-V
    Hardware ID of NIC: 8086 15FA
    Motherboard: ASUS Prime H510M-A

  • Thank you for your swift reply!

    I followed the “How to guide” https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/BIOS_and_UEFI_Co-Existence#Using_Windows_Server_2012_.28R1_and_later.29_DHCP_Policy, however, I didn’t configure a lease time as on the guide it didn’t include this.

    After turning on a lease time the client got an IP and I was able to image all my machines.

    Thank’s again for replying so quickly.


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    @Alibayor As well please take a picture of the screen and post that here.

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    @alibayor Ok so what is not getting the IP address? Do you ever get to the FOG iPXE menu? If not then the issue is with iPXE. If you see the FOG iPXE menu but lose communications after you select a menu item then its the kernel you downloaded.

    Lets start by seeing what bits are not working. See the iPXE menu or not?