Managing remote clients that are dial up modem or cable/dsl connected

  • Yeah, you read that correctly, I’m asking about modem connected clients in the year 2013. This requirement is upon me.

    I know that my options are as follows to get a remotely connected client (no VPNs or WANs) are as follows:

    1. Assign the fog server a public IP and domain name and point clients to it. But i dont want to do that just yet because i’m not read yfor all the security hardening.
    2. Use something like SSH and create a tunnel from the clients to the server. but then again i guess i’d need a public IP or some port forwarding.

    With that said, what ports would I need to forward to the Fog server? I’m not expecting to deploy giant packages or images to modem connected clients. Just the tiny updates and scripts plus an occasional screen share.

    I’ll likely figure this out on my own but figure it’s worth posting here for any other poor schmoe that finds himself in the same requirement.

  • Thanks Chad,

    I found this - [url][/url]

    Curious which of those would be required for snapin management/deployment.

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    There is an article on this forum by BryceZ that talks about all the ports used by FOG for the purposes of setting up firewall rules. They may be your best starting point for this information.

    If you decide to make the FOG server public for the purposes of distributing snap-ins and stuff, there are a lot of changes to be made regarding passwords for mysql, ftp, FOGCrypt, etc.