Microsoft Surface 4 (Not Pro) Imaging issues.

  • Good Day to you all. Our company Received a great shipment of Surface 4 Laptops. We seem to have run into an issue where we simply cannot capture our build for deployment. We believe that it could be that we need a Kernel update but we cannot find anywhere on the site if there’s a list or a new update at all.

    Is there a list of some sort that we can see all of the kernels so that we can keep up with the latest one?

    Also if you by any chance have a solution for capturing Surface 4 Laptops if you believe it to not be Kernel related Please feel free to share. Thanks.

  • @george1421 great! by habit we turn secure boot off. i have someone looking into attempting to capture in a while to see what we get. thanks for all of your help so far.

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    @themadscientist Ok what error do you get during pxe boot? If it says loading NBF and then quickly returns to the pxe booting menu or what ever make sure secure boot is turned off.

    If it hangs at “initializing devices…” then its an ipxe issue.

  • @george1421 Thanks for the fast reply. After looking at the list it appears we have the most up to date kernel. It seems that it doesn’t seem to PXE boot. So the matter may be before iPXE?

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    @themadscientist To answer your question the kernels are listed here:

    The bit bigger question is where is the imaging process failing? Is it before the FOG iPXE menu or after FOS Linux starts?

    What version of FOG are you using and what version of the FOS Linux kernel are you using? (FOG Web UI ->FOG Configuration->Kernel update). That is also the same place where you update the kernels manually if you want.