Problem deploying images made with different FOG kernel

  • Hi, I’ve been having issues with an HP 8760w laptop, because it’s got an ATI card. I’ve tried several different kernels from the project page, as well as one that I found posted by chad-bisd. The system boots up happily, and will create an image, but that image won’t deploy. It acts as though it’s doing the imaging, but it doesn’t write any data. It does, however, write the FAT table on the partitions, so you can get a directory listing as though the drive were full of data.

    For the kernel swap, all I did was move the old bzImage out of the way, and put the replacement in. Was there something that I missed, or something that I’ve done wrong?

    edit: I’ve replaced the old bzImage, and still having no luck. Must’ve broken something.

  • All that HP junk went by the wayside when I had to reconfigure the raid on the laptop anyway. Really don’t know what the issue was sadly, but a new VM and a new install of fog only took a few minutes.

    Both Dell and HP laptops seem to be imaging happily with your 3.3.3 kernel.

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    Is the image you are uploading made from a fresh install or from the factory loaded HP install? I ask because it will probably choke on the recovery partitions that HP puts on their machines. You might also try to [URL=‘’]compile your own kernel[/URL].