• To make a long story as short as possible, the vlan that our FOG server was on crapped out and we haven’t been able to bring it back up. As such, we had to migrate the server to a new vlan.

    When we got it set back up, I updated the IP Address in the fogsettings and then reinstalled FOG as per the instructions here: https://docs.fogproject.org/en/latest/reference/change_fog_server_ip_address.html

    Changed it for the storage node etc as well all per those instructions.

    However we’re still unable to image. We can’t register hosts at all right now. When we try, we get two errors depending on whether or not options 66/67 are set in DHCP.

    It either gives PXE-E16 no offer received with the gateway IP or PXE-E18 server response timeout with no IP shown. I don’t know which one of these errors is better, even!

    I’m not sure why it’s showing our gateway IP address rather than the server IP address, but that might be normal- I don’t remember and I can’t check now.

    Any assistance I can get would be tremendously appreciated. It’s crunch time and of course everything exploded all at once.

  • @george1421 Thanks again for the help. This is probably where I’ll have to put a pin in this for now, because we restored the original sever and the duplicate server has been shut down for the time being. Hopefully we can circle back around to it soon, though.

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    @gbarron said in PXE Boot Failure:

    Is pcap something like wireshark?

    yes wireshark on a witness computer (computer on same subnet as pxe booting computer). Use capture filter of port 67 or port 68. Look at the OFFER packet from the dhcp server. See what its telling the target computer to boot from and what file. Or just upload the pcap here and we will take a look at it.

  • @george1421 Sorry if I’m a bit slow replying but I’m going to try to stay on this. Stuff has gone off the deep end here this week so I’m being pulled in a dozen directions.

    The VM is set bridged according to my networking guy.

    Is pcap something like wireshark?

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    @gbarron If your checks don’t show you the path, then lets grab a pcap of the pxe booting process on that subnet. I’ll give you directions on setting this up if you don’t find the solution.

  • @sebastian-roth Checking on that now. The weird thing is, it works on the other vlan fine. It’s only after cloning it to the new one that it broke. Either way they should still be using the same DHCP server.

    Both vlans in the same cluster, hosted in the same building.

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    @gbarron said in PXE Boot Failure:

    … on a VM

    Just thinking out loud here. What network setting is used with the VM? Bridged mode, NAT, …?

  • @george1421 According to my network guy:

    It's Windows DHCP on a Windows 10 server on a VM.
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    @gbarron said in PXE Boot Failure:

    How likely is it that other DHCP options needed to be set? Mostly I saw references for 66/67 but I did see a couple others mentioned- 43 I think and maybe another?

    On your corporate dhcp server only options 66 and 67 are used for FOG. For dhcp option 66 should be the IP address of your fog server and dhcp option 67 will be the needed boot loader. For bios the default is undionly.kpxe for uefi its ipxe.efi.

    What is your main/campus dhcp server mfg and model?

  • @george1421 sorry, should have mentioned that. We are not running the DHCP off of the FOG server, it is off our corporate network.

    We ended up managing to get the old vlan back up and running and restored FOG back to it with a backup, but I’d still love to know what went wrong with this. I’m going to be looking into standing up a full backup as well in the future.

    How likely is it that other DHCP options needed to be set? Mostly I saw references for 66/67 but I did see a couple others mentioned- 43 I think and maybe another?

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    @gbarron so the first question is what device is your dhcp server here? Were you using the FOG server for the dhcp addresses on a dedicated imaging network/vlan or are you imaging on your business network and your business network dhcp server is handing out IP addresses?