Host Rename/Domain Join without imaging

  • Is it possible to use FOG to domain join and rename computers without imaging? I’ve got a batch of laptops headed my way that will already be imaged (and have the FOG Client installed on them) that it would be incredibly helpful to be able to rename and domain join automatically via the client. I will have a list of all of the systems MAC addresses and can import those into FOG’s host list.

    Just didn’t know if this is possible.

  • @george1421 My apologies for the repeated posting. Just wanted to follow up to say that the FOG Client DID join my test machine to the domain as desired this morning. Not sure what the difference was (other than that the laptop had not previously had a power cord plugged in), but it looks like everything is behaving as I had hoped it would. Thank you again for your time and effort to help me out.

  • @george1421 Thanks for the response. The FOG Client will be installed on the devices, as it is part of the image we’ve uploaded to the manufacturer (in this case, Dell). I just didn’t know if the FOG client’s capability to join a system to the domain is restricted to systems that have just finished the imaging process via FOG or if there is another way to trigger that process.

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    @jaredprice said in Host Rename/Domain Join without imaging:

    s it possible to use FOG to domain join and rename computers without imaging?

    You will need to have the FOG client installed on the computers to do that.

    As an alternative, if you have / know an admin user id for those workstations you can use PDQ Deploy to deploy a package to the computer, that package can run a vbscript or PS Script to set the system name, connect to AD and reboot. All you will need is the IP address of the computer or some way to find it to import the system into pdq deploy. The first thing you will need to work on is creating the script that does exactly what you want then you can deploy it with PDQ Deploy or via a usb stick and then just run your script. There is no need to setup a fog server to do what you are asking.