• I have a Windows 10 machine that was upgraded from 7. We ran fog to image the drive to put it on a another desktop and it’s booting into Windows 7 instead of the 10 the old machine has. Any thoughts?

  • @george1421 Thanks. My gut feeling was that there were two partitions, one with Windows 7 and the other Windows 10. Just to be on the safe side we just put a whole new image on the new computer and copied everything over and then took a new image of that drive. Thank you for getting back to me.

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    @mcr1 I can’t see how this is a FOG related issue. FOG itself doesn’t care or know about target operating systems. All it does is move an image file to storage. Since the data mover is linux based it really can’t do anything inside or really interact with windows.

    The only thing I can think about how this might be possible is that (I know this happened to me) the primary disk was using a raid 1 configuration when it had windows 7 installed. Somewhere along the way the mirror was broken then you upgraded to windows 10. So the situation is one disk has windows 10 and one disk has windows 7. Now in my case since both disks were valid, just the mirror was broken on each boot it was a random draw that the system would boot windows 10 or windows 7. It took us a few hours to figure this one out. I’m not saying that is your case but the bits kind of fit especially of FOG isn’t configured to see a raid array and you are using the built in intel raid controller.