Multi drive image reversing disks.

  • @sebastian-roth The “golden” image was built in VMware with a C and D drive. These are labeled disk0 and disk1 respectively.

    The two hosts I’ve deployed images to have been:

    Dell XPS Workstation:

    • T-force Z330 2tb m.2 nvme
    • Crucial MX500 500gb sata ssd

    HP Z4 G2 Workstation

    • Team Group MP34 M.2 nvme
    • Crucial MX500 500gb sata ssd

    On both systems, the C drive is being deployed to the sata SSD and the D drive is going to the m.2 drive. This is the opposite of the intended order. It seems that FOG is determining that the sata drive is drive0 no matter which ports the sata drive and m.2 drive are connected to.

    If there is a way to capture the image so that it deploys disk0 to the m.2 drive, that would be the most ideal. If not, am I able to edit the backup files on the FOG server to reverse the order?

  • Senior Developer

    @samdoan Please give us more details on the drives in your hosts. In your capture host which kind of drives do you have.

    In general, if you have good old SATA HDDs and SSDs those get enumerated by the Linux kernel in the order which they are connected. SATA port 1 first and so on.

    With NVMe drives it’s a whole different story because the Linux kernel enumerates those in different order every time you reboot the system and this is problematic in a cloning situation because we can’t simply use UUIDs. We try to use drive size as a marker but it’s not an ideal solution, though the best we came Up with so far.

    I am not sure how mixed drives setups behave from the top of my head. Let us know which kind of drives you have and we’ll see.