• I’m having an issue performing host registration with a specific Lenovo model laptop - Lenovo 100e Model - 81CY. It is one of the 2 models I have that are part of our image deployment.

    The 2nd Generation 100e 81M8 models don’t have this problem and register just fine.

    I am stuck at a black screen with the following message:

    “EFI Stub: Loaded initrd from command line option”

    I figure its also worth mentioning that neither of these models have NICs and have to use Ethernet-USB adapters for PXE booting.

    I just updated Fog a few days ago.
    Fog Version =

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I just found this thread whilst searching for the “Stuck on EFI Stub” error which I also have on a Lenovo V130-151KB Laptop.

    I changed our dhcp boot option 67 to point at the ncm–ecm–axge.efi file.

    This resulted in my being able to re-image a laptop with a broken LAN port via a Dell USB Lan adapter.

    I hope this might be of use to fellow victims of Lenovo. 😀

  • @sebastian-roth Updated the BIOS to most recent version. No change - problem persists. I did however, talk to my tech director and we have discussed not imaging these devices as these are slowly being phased out. That makes this problem easier. If something comes up and the need to image these is a must I will reach out to you again for further guidance. Thanks for the quick replies.

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    @mesaman0182 said in Lenovo 81CY - Stuck on EFI Stub:

    Regarding the firmware, I’m assuming you are talking about the Fog server firmware?

    No, what I mean is the UEFI/BIOS firmware of the Lenovo device. Make sure it’s updated to the very latest version.

  • @sebastian-roth One thing I am going to try is another laptop of the same model and see if I am getting the same error. I will look around in the BIOS settings and see if I can find any other possible settings that could be causing the problem.

    Regarding the firmware, I’m assuming you are talking about the Fog server firmware? If so, can you provide instructions on how to do that? Sorry, I’m a rookie at Linux. Just getting by with what I can so I can image several hundred laptops (I work for a school district).

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    @mesaman0182 Ahh, seems like I missed that Lenovo Yoga X280 post. Kind of seemed like an April Fool’s Day joke with no reply from the OP at all - just kidding 😉

    First things first: Have you updated the firmware to the very latest version yet?

    I do remember we had someone post a boot problem with a Lenovo device where secure boot was turned off but there was another “security chip” setting in the BIOS that caused a problem. So you might take another look.

    Taking a look at the Linux kernel code we see that right after the call to efi_load_initrd (which prints the message you posted - reference) the kernel queries secure boot information from the BIOS/UEFI firmware (reference).

    If you can’t find any other secure/security setting in the firmware settings you might start building a debug kernel to find out where exactly it hangs. Compiling the FOS kernel is not too hard. We can give you instructions on how to do that. Just let us know if you are keen to go ahead.

  • @sebastian-roth It’s also worth noting that I’m not the only one having this problem. See below…


  • @sebastian-roth Secure boot is disabled.

    I can get to the main Fog menu - but after I choose either registration mode it loads a black screen with the text I provided in my original post.

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    @mesaman0182 I don’t think I have seen this message before. Sounds like it stops pretty early after the Linux Kernel loads. Could you take a picture of the message in screen and post that here?

    Is secure boot disabled?