Using a separate NIC for multicast

  • I’ve a FOG server on Ubuntu 20.04, latest version of FOG. My server has 3 NICs all connected to the same subnet. I want to use eno2 for imaging and eno3 for Multicast, but I can’t get the multicast bit to work.

    I’ve configured my storage node to use eno2 and set the IP address to the IP of eno2 and normal imaging works.

    I then went fo FOG Settings->Multicast and set the interface to eno3. But when I start a multicast task the hosts all get stuck at the Partclone screen. I can see from the server logs that FOG is starting the multicast task using eno2.

    If I change the config to use eno2 for multicast then my multicast tasks work, but I was hoping to utilise the extra bandwidth of the 3rd ethernet port I feel sure I’ve missed something obvious… but what?

  • @pep said in Using a separate NIC for multicast:

    web = http: // ftp = storage = / images / dev / storageip =

    Thanks! That works. I can leave my storage settings as default and Multticast will use eno2, then for anything not multicast I can set the correct parameters for eno3.

    Just a note that for deployment the storage variable needs to be ip.address:/images/ (without the dev/)

  • @sebastian-roth First forgive my level of English. I have a fog server working with different network cards assigned to different vlans (192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x etc …) and a single dhcp server giving ips to the different subnets

    1- I configured the dhcp with the different vlans and network cards, next-server option etc …
    2- I modified the default.ipxe file inside the tftpboot directory by changing:
    chain http: // $ {next-server} /fog/service/ipxe/boot.php##params

    3- In the Host Kernel Arguments option of each computer I put the parameters that interest me

    web = http: // ftp = storage = / images / dev / storageip =

    Server ->

    If the computer is in 192.168.2.x and the server it would be
    web = http: // ftp = storage = / images / dev / storageip =

  • @Sebastian-Roth OK thanks for the reply. It’s no biggie but I’ve got all these NICs and nothing to use them for 🙂

    As an idea, could I create another storage group for the images I might want to multicast, where all the settings except the interface and IP address are the same as the default group? If I set that to use eno3, and multicast to use eno3, that might achieve what I want?

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    @MarkG FOG wasn’t made to be used with several NICs and I don’t think there has been much testing on this kind of setup in the last years.

    As far as I remember the multicast network interface is not used from the FOG Settings anymore but dynamically enumerated in the code (1, 2). @Tom-Elliott can tell you more about this I would think.