• I don’t understand how this works for PXE boot.
    My PC doesn’t see the Fog server.

  • *UPDATE: It is not the FOG server as I was able to boot an OLDER (Legacy) Lenovo to the FOG Main menu screen. SO this appears to be an issue with the newer BIOS/Secure boot or even possibly a NIC incompatibility. I will search elsewhere.

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    @ccheltenham We are missing important information to be able to help. What is serving DHCP in your network? Which version of FOG do you use? Secure boot disabled? Is it set to legacy BIOS or UEFI mode? Are PXE booting machine and FOG server in the same subnet? Up to which stage does it so the PXE boot? Please take a picture of the screen and post that here!

    By the way, I don’t think that Ubuntu is the problem here. So you might want to change the subject of this topic as well.

    @rogerbrasil70 While your issue sounds kind of similar on first sight I don’t think it is exactly the same problem. Please open a new topic instead of using this one. Mixing up issues in one topic is just going to cause confusion and missunderstanding. See my questions above on what we need to know to be able to help. Post your details in a new topic then.

  • @ccheltenham I am having a similar issue with the imaging. I am using an old laptop to make the server portable if I need to go to travel to another physical location. I installed server 20.04, then installed a full GUI (GNOME) set statically the server on the NIC, and I am using the wireless for internet updates. I updated and upgraded the server then installed fog as a DNS/DHCP/router. The software installed correctly and I have changed the fog password like any good IT person should. the client boots to pxe on IP4 then attempts to load PXE on ipv6 there it will sit for about a minute then boot into windows. the PC is getting DNS/DHCP but not booting for me to do the image. the device I am trying to update/image is a Lenovo E15 i have noticed that a few lenovos are having similar issues here.